Wedding Fonts

The wedding fonts you choose are down to your choice of style and can range from traditional script style wedding fonts to contemporary, more funky fonts. We have a set list of fonts that yo can choose from, but if you have set your heart on a style that we do not offer, ask, we can usually accommodate this, but there may be a charge.

We print all the wedding stationery in house, so if you would like the card outer to match the font style used on the insert, please just ask. 

You can have just one font or you can mix 2 fonts, maybe have just the names of the Bride and Groom in a fancy font or include the date aswell, so that you use it to pick out the key details. Just remember that a fancy font does not read well in a small size, so if you have lots of information or addresses that need to be easily read, try and use a less fancy style in these instances. We will send a PDF for you to approve and we can make up to 3 changes without extra charge, so you can have a look and see what the font you have chosen will look like.