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  1. Our popular glitter lined envelopes have some more colours for you to choose from!

    Now available in Red, Emerald Green, Purple, Lavender, Black, Royal Blue, Pale baby blue, Sugar pink, Fuchsia pink, Brown, Turquoise and Ivory.

    We have also made it easier to order additional sizes through the website, choose from 155x155mm, 130x130mm, 114x162mm ( C6 ), 133x184mm (A7) and 152x216mm.

    These sparkly envelopes will add an extra flourish to wedding invitations, part invites, Christening invitations, Valentine cards and Christmas cards!

    These new additions join our ever popular Silver & Gold glitter lined envelopes

    Emeral Green Glitter envelope

    Pink Glitter envelope

    Pale Blue Glitter envelope

    100215_Red Glitter envelope_1625

    Purple Glitter envelope

  2. Bride getting dressed

    Do you ever wonder when marriage was introduced in the UK or where wedding traditions come from? Here is a brief extract from what I have found out about the history of weddings in England.

    The Marriage Act was introduced in 1753 making marriage licenses obligatory under the Act. Before this acti was bought in a legal marriage was a luxury for the aristocracy. There are few records from that time as clergymen were not obliged to keep copies of wedding certificates before 1837.

    Wedding dresses were originally blue or multi-coloured and the wedding cake made of meat. Queen Victoria insisted on wearing white for her wedding in 1840 and this then became the tradition.

    Engagement rings were not introduced until the 19th century. 

    There are many more wedding traditions that have appeared over the years and I have listed some of the more interesting ones below!

    • The Mother of the bride is traditionally the last person to be seated for the ceremony. think of how much fun the groom could have with delaying tactics! 
    • The tradition of serving food following the marriage comes from Roman times when a marriage was not binding until the couple had broken bread together.

    • Traditionally bridesmaids slept with their slice of wedding cake under their pillow to dream of their future husband. Could get a bit messy 

    • And one that would send me into a panic! According to tradition, it is good luck for a bride to find a spider in her wedding dress! Ewww!

  3. Laser-cut-wedding-invitationsThese are some tips for ordering wedding invitations that I have picked up and thought you may find useful


    • Make sure you are clear on how many invites you will need, you do not not one per guest, most families at the same address will need just one between them, although children of guests that are 18 or over should receive their own invitation even if still living at home.


    • Go through your wording with your partner and parents before yo send it to your stationer, this will save time and may also save you money, you may be charged for changes to PDF proofs.


    • If you would prefer not to have children at your wedding but are not sure how to word it, use a phrase like "We would love for all our guests to enjoy a day off and so we kindly ask there are no children at our wedding", if this is still too difficult, think about arranging a separate event for the children during the ceremony and meal, maybe hire child minders to look after them.


    • Order plenty of invitations, most stationers will accommodate additional orders, but you may have to wait for them, so make sure that you have some spares, if you receive declines you will want to send out to people you have left off initially due to number/cost restraints.


    • Wedding invitation envelopes should be handwritten and you shouldn't really even use a computer script font. Always use black and be careful of fountain pens smudging, get some blotting paper. get addresses way before you plan to send invites. 


    • Always use titles. If you are addressing a couple use "Mr & Mrs Peter Cook". if unmarried, used all surnames, order alphabetically. Widows should be addressed by their married title - "Mrs Peter Cook". Divorced women should be addressed "Mrs Amelia Cook", unless they have reverted back to their maiden name. If 2 Doctors are married should use "The Doctors Cook". If unmarried, use full name prefixed by Dr and order in alphabetical order. Always use professional titles.


    • Always ask for your RSVP to be returned before you need them, you will always have a few stragglers that you will need to follow up and you will need to provide caterers etc. final numbers. If you are getting on the day stationery printed allow at least a month.

    Check out my tips for getting your RSVPs back

  4. Ooooh, it's been busy, busy busy and I haven't been able to stop and take any pics of the wedding stationery i have been busy making over the last few months let alone share them with you on my blog, so here is a quick peek at what I have been up to one day this week - an order for my beach pocketfold wedding invitations in purplecomplete with sparkly starfish embellishments. Don't they look lovely?


    I'll be back soon with some tips for ordering wedding invitations, hopefully you will find them useful.....

  5. Vintage-Rose-Wedding-RSVP-wordingSo you want to know how to get your RSVPs back?

    One of the biggest challenges you will face when planning your wedding will be your guest list. First you will go through the usual problem of too many people to invite and not enough places. Then you will get the parents asking if their friends Rosie & James can come.  

    You get all these trials and tribulations sorted out and you  have defined your guest list and sent out your invites. You are now home and dry, right?

    Sadly, that is when all your troubles really start, this is where you find that no matter how long you wait your guests just do not RSVP and you sit there biting your nails and eagerly checking the post and jumping each time the phone rings, like you were Billy-no-mates.

    But you can minimise all this hair pulling if you follow the tips below on how to get your RSVPs back!

    • Send an RSVP with your invitations – yes, it’s as easy as that, one extra piece of card and an envelope will increase your chances of getting your RSVPs returned. If you provide people with the tool to do something they are more likely to do the deed.
    • Going one step further by providing an addressed envelope with the RSVP, so that your guests don’t even need to write the address on it, will increase those chances even further.
    • Yes, it’s like spoon feeding, but it really will be worth it, go that extra mile and put a stamp on the envelope, all your guests need to do is tick the box and pop it in the envelope and into the post.
    • Specify a return by date for your RSVPs, but make sure this gives plenty of slippage time. If people have a deadline they are more likely to do it.
    • Add something fun on the RSVP, ask for a favorite song to be added to the playlist
    • Don’t allow too much time, make your respond by date within a few weeks of guests receiving the invites, otherwise they will get mislaid. 
    • Offer guests options - provide a telephone number and an email address for guests to answer if they prefer the quick route.

    And just in case one of your guests forget to write their names in the space provided, before you send the RSVPs, put a number in the corner on the back and keep a list of who each number was sent to, it could save you a real headache later!

    Visit my wedding RSVP wording page if you need some help with the words to use on your RSVP.

  6. Pantone announced the colour of the year 2013 is Emerald (17-5641) "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

    Green has always been known to be a harmonising colour with a good energy, it sits well with blues, limes, white, ivory and black.



    Image sourced from Pinterest

    Here are a few of our Emerald green wedding invitations that will compliment the Emerald wedding theme very nicely.


    So what do you think, is this a deserved replacement for Tangerine Tango? For more Emerald inspiration take a look at the Pantone website

  7. Coming soon! We will be introducing lined envelopes that you can choose for your wedding invitations and wedding stationery, for party invites or greeting cards, in fact they can be used for just about any item that needs an envelope and you want to add that special wow factor!

    Here is a a glimpse of our sparkly, glitter lined envelopes, silver glitter lined envelopes, for that special occasion, great for a silver wedding invitation or a silver wedding theme. More colours to come....


  8. I just love these laser cut wedding invitations and so do my customers! Rose Garden wedding invitations are available in ivory or soft white ( shown here in ivory). With a delicate border of laser cut roses and vine and an insert for your text, they are simply elegant and are the perfect wedding invitation for an ivory themed wedding.

    Laser cut wedding invitations

  9. Just popping in to share a photo of some Vintage Fleur wedding invitations that I made for a customer recently, showing a Vintage Fleur wedding invitation flat card and RSVP. Also availble as singlefold cards, save the dates, order of service, menus, place cards, guest book, table plan and thank you cards.They are great for a pastel wedding theme, a vintage bride or just a shameless romantic!

    Vintage wedding invitations & RSVPs

  10. Here I'd like to share pics of the Ebony and Ivory lace wedding invitations. I am trying to catch up and share a few pics of invitations I have been busy with. I often only think to get the camera out once they have been sent out, so I am trying harder, without delaying them going out to the eager brides to be.

    The black lace is Guipure lace and is very striking against the ivory card. I think they are very chic and make a stylish statement, promisong a stylish wedding to follow....

    Black lace-wedding-invitations--

    Black Lace and -Ivory-wedding-invitations

    Black and-Ivory-wedding-invitations-

  11. Well, I have had quite a run on Lace and Pearl wedding stationery just lately, so I though I should show you a few pics. I have also had quite a few request for wedding invitations in two languages, including Italian and Albanian. Here you can see the Alabanian invitation in a Lace and Pearl design.

    Cream and Pearl lace wedding invitations in Albanian

    And a couple of pictures of the Cream Lace and Pearl wedding table plan.



    And some Cream Pearl and Lace wedding invitations in the evening invitation postcard style.


  12. Our Vintage Rose wedding invitations are a great match for a Vintage Rose wedding theme. Pretty pink roses on aged ivory with a shabby chic appearance. Vintage rose wedding invitations come in traditional card stykle with a paper insert, gatefold and flat card style. Matching wedding staionery is available from guest book to table plan.

    Vintage Rose Wedding theme

    Check out our Vintage Rose wedding invitations card by clicking on the image below


  13. Sometimes I get asked to explain the many terms that are given to the variations of wedding invitations, in the trade we just know what they mean, but when a bride gets asked, are you looking for, singlefold, gatefold, pocketfold, you can expect many a blank stare. If you would like an explantation this diagram may help and if you would like further information have a look at my wedding invitations styles guide



  14. Here we showcase our Pearl and Lace wedding invitations, they are complimented by a full range of matching pearl and lace wedding stationery. If you are looking for luxury wedding invitations, be sure to take a closer look.

    A pearls and lace wedding theme is classic and very stylish. Cream lace and pearls are no strangers to each other, they set each off beautifully and ooze luxury. 

     Pearls-and-Lace wedding theme

    I spent last week on an order for Cream Pearls and Lace evening invitations , usually I forget to take a photo, but they looked so lovely en masse that I did and here is the result.....don't they look great?Pearls and-Lace-wedding-invitations

    See all our lace wedding stationery 

    Images (other than stationery) sourced from Pinterest

  15. Vintage wedding signs have been added to our shop, including wedding signs for brides and photographers - 'save the date' sign and 'thank you' sign to use in your photos for your wedding stationery, just married signs for the back of the going away car, wedding directional signs including a 'Wedding this way' sign and 'Love is sweet' sign for your candy buffet. Have a look at all our wedding signs here.

    All our signs are made from Foamex a rigid PVC material that is weatherproof.

    Vintage Thank you sign


  16. DIY seating plans have been added to allow you to have a table plan to match your wedding stationery, but also have the option to mount it on whatever you should desire.

    You give us the guest names and table names or numbers and we print on cards with your chosen wedding stationery design. We send you the seating plan cards and heder if you choose and you stick them onto your own mount, which could be anything from ordinary mountboard sheet , an old mirror or just straight onto a wall.

    Peg them on a line or  get an old frame and string them by ribbons, the options are endless.


    Shown in Vintage Rose design.

  17. Have a look at our vintage wedding stationery range Vintage Fleur, it has now all been uploaded onto the site for you to see and a sample can be ordered via the Vintage Fleur wedding invitations page. Choose from Wedding invitation cards, Evening invitations, Save the dates, RSVPs, menus, order of service, place cards, thank you cards, table number cards, favour tags, information inserts and engagement invitations. You can of course also get a matching seating plan or wedding guest book aswell as DIY wedding invitations and print your own wedding stationery in the Vintage fleur design.



  18. New Wedding Invitation Best Sellers!

    In our ongoing quest to make your browsing experience as easy as possible, we are introducing new ways to filter the wedding stationery, to help you find what type of wedding invitations you are looking for without trawling too many pages.

    With this in mind we have introduced the new best sellers area where we can show you what other brides are buying. These will no doubt change as the trends change, so we will keep them updated and add to them as other new designs become more popular.

    Currently our best-selling wedding invitations are;

    Vintage Rose wedding invitations - a beautiful pink rose design on an aged cream background, great for a vintage country wedding!

    Vintage Rose wedding invitations


    Rose Garden Laser Cut wedding invitations - A delicate, intricate rose design , this invitation oozes style and is available in white or ivory.

    Rose garden Laser cut wedding invitations

    Lace wedding Invitations - Mink coloured lace design on a cream background in a gatefold style.

    Lace gatefold wedding invitations

    Thistle wedding invites - Contemporary photographic images of Thistles on a white background, great for a thistle themed wedding or for a lilac wedding.

    Thistle wedding invitations

    Cream Pearl and Lace wedding invitations - sumptuous ivory lace with pearls and sequins and a Dior ribbon make this invitations stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for luxury wedding invitations, these are perfect!

    Pearl and lace wedding invitations

    and to round it off, we have the lovely Heart table name holders, great for holding your wedding table names/ numbers, they are available in two heights

    Ivory Heart shaped wedding table number holders

    I hope you find this new area helpful, let us know if there is another search tool that you would like us to introduce?



  19. A red wedding theme is full of passion and romance and has plenty of drama. Deep red for the more mysterious bride or scarlet for brides with a little edge. Here we showcase our Red Rose wedding invitations, complimented by a full range of red rose wedding stationery, including a wallet invitation.


    Red wedding theme

    See our wedding theme page for more inspiration or check out our other red wedding invitations 

    or rose favours to compliment your red wedding theme.

    Images sourced from Pinterest

  20. We have been having a little bit of a Spring Clean on the website to hopefully provide you with a smoother experience and allow you to find your wedding invitations a little easier. We have introduced new menu options allowing you to drill down on wedding invitations by colour or style. 

    We are also in the process of adding colour options for card, design and ribbons, so thta it essier to see if your wedding colour theme can be accomodated.

    If you have any suggestions as to how we can make your browsing / shopping experience more pleasurable please let us know.




  21. There are so many ways to word wedding invitations and stationery and there is no right or wrong way. There is however an etiquette and these examples should help set you in the right direction, together with the wedding invitations explained diagram that I shared the other day. But don’t forget that it is your day and the more personalized it is to you as a couple the more intimate it will be.

    Engagement announcement

    Formal – From the bride’s parents

    Mr & Mrs Mark Clifford

    are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter

    Barbara Anne


    Mr Edward Mason, the son of

    Mr & Mrs Keith Mason of Brighton, East Sussex.


    Informal – From the couple

    Barbara Anne Clifford

    is to be married to

    Edward Mason

    Barbara is the daughter of  Mr & Mrs Mark Clifford of Brighton, East Sussex.


    Wedding invitation wording

    From the couple

    Miss Barbara Clifford and Mr Edward Mason

    request the pleasure of


    at their marriage



    Barbara and Edward

    would love for you to join

    them as they exchange their

    vows of marriage 

    on 20th May 2011

    at the Bull Hotel, Brighton

    at 7pm



    From the bride's parents

    Mr & Mrs Mark Clifford

    request the pleasure of


    at the marriage of their daughter

    Barbara to Mr Edward Mason



    From the bride's divorced parents

    Mr Mark Clifford and Mrs Margaret Clifford

    request the pleasure of


    at the marriage of their daughter

    Barbara to Mr Edward Mason


    From the bride's widowed parent

    Mrs Margaret Clifford requests the pleasure of


    at the marriage of her daughter

    Barbara to Mr Edward Mason 


    Evening Invitation

    From the bride’s parents

    Mr Mark Clifford and Mrs Margaret Clifford

    request the pleasure of


    at an evening reception following

    the marriage of their daughter

    Barbara to Mr Edward Mason


    From the couple

    Barbara & Edward

    would love you to join them at an evening

    reception to celebrate their marriage


    on Saturday 1st April 2012

    at Buxted Park Hotel

    from 7.30pm

  22. Everyone thinks that Wedding Invitations are straightforward right? Well no, they aren't, there are

    many things that you need to know when you are choosing your wedding invitations and a lot of

    it is according to etiquette. The etiquette of wedding invitations is not something you automatically

    know, so I thought it may help to explain the finer details of what should and what could be

    included on your wedding invitations.


    I hope this has helped, but at the end of the day, this is just a guide and if you want to do things

    differently, then do so, it's your day and as long as you are happy, should you care?

    Sarah x

  23. Check out our new glass bottles! The perfect welcome to your guests, fill retro

    style mini milk bottles with some coloured milk to match your wedding theme,

    pop in matching striped straws and personalised labels ( watch this space -

    coming soon!!), what could be better?

    Or maybe you would prefer to make some homemade lemonade and give

    to your guests as personalised wedding favours? then the small glass bottle

    is ideal.


  24. We have introduced some new Wedding Invitation templates in some of our most

    popular Vintage wedding invitation designs.

    Wedding Invitation Templates can help you save money and are great if you have

    loads of guests. You buy the digital wedding invitation template from us and you print

    your own wedding invitations, as many as you like for a one off cost.

    We offer this service on wedding invitations, RSVPs, information inserts, and table

    stationery, including menus, table numbers and place name cards.

    Vintage Rose invitation card suite

  25. Are you looking for Jubilee party invitations

    Check out our Cool Britannia Union Jack invitations, they are perfect Jubilee party

    invitations with their Union Jack design and slight distressed effect that gives them a

    lovely vintage feel.

    If you are throwing a Jubilee party, you need to set the scene and create a good

    impression from the start and we think these Union Jack invitations will do just that!

    Union Jack invitations

  26. Check out our new DIY wedding invitations!

    We are aware that some brides are struggling wth their budget or they like to make

    things themselves so we have added some DIY wedding invitations to help you.

    There are 2 DIY options to allow you to choose the best fit for you and your budget. 

    • "Assemble your own" DIY option, allowing us to print the design and for you 

               to print the insert and assemble the invitations yourself.

    • "Print your own" DIY option and you can print your own invitations from a PDF file.

    The "print your own" option is great for brides that have a lot of guests but a limited budget.

    Just pay once and print as many as you want!

    For more information visit our DIY wedding invitations page